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grant koniski headshot_2020.jpg

My entire life I have been a maker. I have created art and structures since I can remember. I have been skateboarding since ten years old, which prompted me to get into building ramps, rails and even a half pipe. My passion for large format abstract art started in philly in 2016 when I had a stack of extra chipboard from architecture school and some house paint. I began mixing colors and throwing paint on the pieces of chipboard. As I made piece after piece on chipboard I began to fall in love with large scale abstract art. Proceeding the chipboard phase I began to make and stretch my own canvases for larger scale pieces. This has snowballed into where I am at today, working full time as an architect and in my spare time I am working at my painting studio at Art Explosions Studios on 17th St. in San Francisco. I love selling my art to people and being able to transform their living spaces with my large statement pieces. 

My free time is spent exploring the country in the minivan that I converted into a rolling home with a deep sink, 2 concealed refrigerators, RGBW bluetooth lights, a 100w solar panel and many more gadgets. I also spend my time hiking, cycling, photographing, skateboarding, snowboarding, drawing, reading, attending music/ art shows, and playing guitar/ bass. For more specifics on my education and work experience please see my resume below. 

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